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The Best Way to Protect the Future is to Create it. World Medical Tourism Congress

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World Medical Tourism, Global Healthcare (WMTC), Luxury Tourism  & Employer Heathcare (EHBC) Congress’,  Coalesce to Lead the Way.

  healthycell-in-front-of-the-booth_Dr. Vincent giampapa_John Arnone American Cryo Corporation Washington DC/ Situated on the banks of the historical National Harbor- along  a breathtaking crescent of the Potomac  River, the 9th Annual World Medical Tourism Congress, the 8th Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress and the International Luxury Hotel Organization unfurled against  a backdrop of Washington DC’s bespoke Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, September 25-28, 2016.

Over 2200 medical professionals, hoteliers and dignitaries were in attendance on a weekend that coincided with the most watched presidential debate in the history of our nation and the ribbon cutting inauguration of the National Museum of African American History and Culture on The Capital Mall.

medical-tourism-congress_-photo-of-africam-museumBarricades criss-crossed the city in preparation of the poignant Grand Opening of a Museum that was half a millennium in the making meanwhile 84 million viewers are tuning into the most watched Presidential debate in USA history.  The debate was also closley watched and parsed by the over 90 countries participating in the WMTA Congress.   “For our nations capital, this was business as usual, ” according to Anthropological Documentation, Nathan Podo, and Washington DC native.

Participation in the synergistic open forum, the 3 day confab was where the future of medicine, predicated on travel, played out within a discus toss of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.  With representation from over 90 countries comprised of the world’s most distinguished leaders in the medical, government, hospitality, travel, academic and insurance arenas gathered under the impeccable guidance of the Palm Beach, Florida based, Medical Tourism Association.

The cross-over between the three organizations. multiple summits and panels was seamless, collaborative and engaging. 


Topics of the Global Women Leadership Council, included How to Attract your Inner Wonder Woman -Global Healthcare Concerns Affecting Women – How to Negotiate Like a Pro in Work and Life Women that Impact ~ Women Leading Dynamic Organizations

With a slate of ground breaking, information sharing panels, research summits, social gatherings and a first ever by-invitation-only Embassy Tour, WMTA participants were feted on gourmet ethnic cuisine and engaged with futuristic advances in their respective professional specialties.  Business Development, Best Practices, Healthcare Buyers, Patient Engagement and Advancements in Medicine, Stem Cell Research & Development were overriding themes.

Healthy Longevity’s Hot Button
With the world’s over-60 population doubling in the next few decades and centenarians becoming as commonplace as the next I-phone (TM) upgrade, many WMTC sessions and tracks focused on extending life AND health.

Attendees re-thinking and re-tooling our approach to treating those with age related diseases and the benefits of traveling to cure them. Said panelist Rohit Kulkani, MD and Director of Reel Labs, “The importance of collective exchanges such as those hosted by the MTA  are indispensable, “Health care professionals should red letter MTA Gatherings and Conferences.  With the next World Medical Tourism Congress slated for New Delhi, India, Because one never knows where medical innovations and advancements are going to originate.” says Dr. Kulkani.

Cost Effective Cutting Edge Treatments At the World’s Most Bespoke Destinations

While on the nearby ‘Hill’, the politicos and pundits wrangle, tooth and nail, in a protracted battle over Health Care Reform, Big Pharm, special interests, the well being and care of an aging citizenry and the under served are hotly debates domestic issues with the international community in the wings exploring nonpartisan solutions for tomorrow’s hot button challenges.

Developed nations are experiencing the ramifications of eating habits driven by profit, live styles predicated on convenience and First Lady Obama’s cause celebre, ‘obesity’ that are decimating healthcare coffers while pushing a revolving door of chronic disabilities.  Members of the Medical Tourism Association embrace a long view that mandates a global approach to healing the world’s ‘preventable’ maladies that begins within the community.


With over 75 panels of keen interest were panels that revealed advances in Stem Cell harvesting and applications.  Presided over by Dr. Vincent Giampapa , Nobel Prize Nominee, John Arnone Chairman/CEO of the American Cryo Corporation who moderated with Dr. Rohit Kulkani, Director of Reel Labs weigh in on Stem Cell treatments spoke of what was once Science Fiction is now Scientific Fact, Stem Cells and the Future of Healthcare and Regenerative Medicine.

Topics included, the benefits of stem cell therapies as a hedge on healthy longevity.  Pictured are panelists  Dr. Vincent Giampapa, Co-Founder of the Regenerative Medical Institute and Best selling author of  “The Gene Makeover”  joined by fellow speaker and moderator, John Arnone, Chairman/CEO of the American Cryo Corporation.

Prevailing topics of discussion included, ‘Will industrialized medicine subsume advancements in integrated , causal focused treatments?  Will pioneering  research in the regenerative powers of stem cells be snuffed out by overreaching FDA rulings?  What are the sub rosa fiscal and cultural implications of extending the human life span if those in their latter years are relegated to society’s sidelines, crippled with preventable diseases and massive medical debt?

Is Dominion Over One’s Bodies an Inalienable Right?

In the aftermath of the previous night’s Presidential debate many exhibitors were parsing how each candidate would impact the Medical Tourism Industry.  According to Dr. Giampapa, “proposed legislation that would require the FDA to regulate the use of of one’s own adipose stem cells would severely limit the patient’s right to elect advanced topical and regenerative treatments.”  John Arnone , concurred that pending ruling’s categorizing stem cells as a ‘drug’ will set back research and development to an era inhabited by Dr. Kildare and Dr. Casey.”  A prevailing consensus among WMTAC attendees, ‘as populations age;  stem cell treatments at accredited practices abroad are ratcheting up to offer a viable alternative to countries that adhere to the demands of special interests motivated principally by profit.

jaco-in-the-canton-of-guanacaste“One countries loss may be another’s gain,” opined Dr. Rohit R. Kulkarni, M.D. D.P.B.  of ReeLabs whose mandate is to protect, nurture and cure. “Countries advancing their research agenda’s while embracing medical tourism only stand to gain a competitive edge.”

“Outside the USA borders we see more and more advances in the highly regulated, ground breaking stem cell research and their applications,” concluded John Arnone/CEO of the American Cryo Corporation.  “Collaboration in healthcare is a collective endeavor that bodes well for future generations! At Cryo, our business model takes a nod from the world’s seven ‘Blue Zones’.  That is,  when health, longevity and well being are finely ingrained in the cultural imperative, where our elders are venerated as mentors of the younger generations and are included as an intrinsic part of the social fabric, everyone benefits.”




Dr. Vincent Giampapa, MD FACS- Author, Panelist and Nobel Prize Nominee in Stem Cell Research and Healthy Longevity, John Arnone Chairman/CEO of the American Cryo Corporation

National Museum of African American History and Culture on The Mall.

Gaylord National Harbor, site of the World Medical Tourism Congress. Washington D.C.

Jaco, Costa Rica- Site of the Regenerative Medical Institute, Watch for details of upcoming Grand Opening

photos by Nathan Podo


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