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THC in the treatment against Alzheimers

by frhuynhMarch 22, 2017

Nowadays, Alzheimer’s disease is the main cause of dementia among elderly and it is expected to triple its impact in the next 50 years. As far as there was no cure found for this disease, it is essential to provide a good quality of life for the patients and to offer them the best care, while as well reducing the costs related to the disease.  The recent studies, already proved the impact of the THC, which is an active component of the medical cannabis, and it is certain that THC can improve the quality of life and even prevent the Alzheimer’s syndrome.

The THC component is having multiple functions that help prevent and as well ameliorate the life of patients with Alzheimer’s, one of the widely proven the analgesic effect of the THC in particular and medical cannabis in general. This important function was proven to help the patients with chronic pain to ease their suffering and even to improve their moods and psychological health.

The anti-inflammatory function is proven to be essential in the process of preventing not only Alzheimer’s disease but as well, certain types of cancers, and according to the 2009s studies, it is believed to be one of the key factors in the fight against brain aging.

Some other key properties of the medical cannabis, such as its anti-emetic and anti-convulsive, has been proved to be one of the best treatment for epilepsy and anorexia. The anti-emetic property helps the patients suffering from anorexia or some progressive forms of HIV/AIDS to regain the ability to process food and even helps them regain the appetite.

In the traditional ancient medicine, the cannabis was widely used as an epileptic treatment and a prophylactic drug.

All these key properties being mentioned, cannabis has proved since the 1960s its treating abilities and medical properties which can be an easy and much cheaper replacement to modern-day drugs with a vast list of side-effects.

As the rate of people suffering from Alzheimer’s is only growing exponentially, studies demonstrated that cannabinoids provide a strong neuroprotection against the amyloid-beta peptide, which is a crucial amino acid found in the amyloid plaques of all the Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Though Alzheimer’s is one of the most frightening diseases of modern times and represents one of the major fear related to ageing, it was repeatedly proven to be able to at least prevent it with some wide known product, such as marijuana, so why not trusting the traditional treatment and save the money on the expensive pharmaceutical drugs?

The best thing you can do for yourself is go back to the roots, to traditional medicine, since hundreds of years ago, women were cooking cookies which contained marijuana seeds, known to be one of the most nutritious food grown in the wild and which you can purchase just by simply accessing

Live not only longer but also better!

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