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Remote Area Medical Shores Up Disaster Relief in Haiti in the Devastating Matthew Aftermath, 1000’s of Deaths and Countless Casualties

by rogetlinkOctober 9, 2016

by Cristiane Roget, correspondent PR Global Media, a division of

WBIR- NBC News Live News Coverage, October 9, 2016 Live Coverage


October 10, 2016 Ile A Vache-Haiti  Where Hurricane Matthew preparedness in South Florida paid off with downed trees, power outages and 4 reported casualties the impact on Haiti reaped a thousand dead and dystopian devastation.


Remote Area Medical arrives in Soulette, Haiti, two days ago with airdrops of provisions. With roads blocked and communication systems ravages, a desperate call out for Satellite Phones says, Captain Ray Thackeray, Executive Director, International Rescue Group

October 12/ Ils-Au-Vache-Haiti As of two days ago, Remote Area Medical USA (  is on the ground in the Island of Vache (an out island lle a Vache is SW of Port a Prince).  “Emergency care for the survivors is being distributed by The Civil Protection Team from the Mayors Office”,  confirms Allish O’Reilly-Programme Manager, of Haven Partnership.  An ongoing mission, with airdrops arriving in rotation from departure points in Northern, Southern Florida and Tennessee are planned for the foreseeable future.

RAMusa assistance will include the protracted rebuilding challenges ahead that include shoring up Zika defenses and clean water supplies and seeking emergency housing solutions.


Matthew slammed into its southwest peninsula four days ago with the first category 4 storm to hit Haiti in half a century.


Remote Area Medical ( cargo planes are departing from North and South Florida in quick rotation.   Charitable groups, individuals and organizations with emergency supplies to donate are encouraged to contact our headquarters in Rockford , TN.  We are mounting the challenge and ongoing effort in coordinating transport of emergency relief to locations where most needed.  “RAMusa is contributing to building that air bridge”, confirms Anabel Evora, Remote Area Medical, Senior Strategist.

RAMusa is actively seeking to bolster communication between the outline areas hardest hit and the capital city of Port-au-Prince a distance of 130 miles and a Bay away.   It is in the capital city that emergency relief is due to arrive from charitable groups and NGO’s abroad in addition to random air drops.

“A call is out for donated Satellite Phones in a critical effort in expediting transport from Port-au-Prince to ravaged outline areas,” says Stan Brock, Founder of Remote Area Medical.

The RAMusa relief and triage volunteers have landed their Cessna Caravan’s piloted by Joe Blasenstein , Joe Hirston, Air Mobile Joe, who has flown missions to Haiti for over three decades and Director Lt. Colonel Dick Stoops, US Army.  Stan Brock, Founder of RAMusa are arriving in a Cessna 206 packed to the rafters with emergency and life saving medical supplies.  Areas will be  reconnoitered where the need is most critical for return reconnaissance missions. .  A community reach out in South Florida has been launched with plans to return with two cargo planes of emergency medical workers, supplies and relief on or around October 16th.

remore-area-medical_photo-by-univisionBrock reported this afternoon, that local resources are overwhelmed with homeless families, and children that are injured, battered, hungry and dispossessed.   Local clinics and hospitals are not staffed or with the supplies to treat the 1000’s in need.  We welcome RAM’s assistance,” confirms Captain Ray Thackeray, Executive Director, International Rescue Group.

A call for donations that include Satellite phones, medical supplies , transistor radios, tarps, pup tents, diapers, sanitary products, water distillation machines and housing solutions for the months ahead are encouraged to contact Anabel Evora , Senior  Logistical Coordinator for Remote Area Medical USA or donate to

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Founded in 1985, RAM volunteers provide for victims of natural disasters, calamities of war and the under served. Remote Area Medical’s 92,000 volunteers comprise one of the largest all volunteer emergency relief organization in the world.  Providing close to a 100 million dollars in free global medical assistance; recent expeditions   include Nepal, the Philippines, Haiti and Guyana.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

International Rescue Group provides disaster relief and humanitarian aid by sea to coastal and island communities. Hurricane Matthew just devastated the south west coast of Haiti with waves, storm surge and horrifying winds up to 140 knots.

Here is an emergency message from Ile a Vache, a small island 7 miles off the main coastal town of Les Cayes (relayed to us by an intermediary): “I just spoke with Mayor Amazan, he said all he can conclude is that Ile-a-Vache is completely destroyed. He cannot give a complete evaluation of the situation but every home in his neighborhood, including his own, is damaged. Most roofs are gone. This weather has been hitting them hard for the past 3 days, therefore people are running out of food. The local re-sellers are running out and would probably keep what they have for their family. He is hosting a bunch of people at home and had to borrow money to feed them and he too is running out.”

We are loading up three boats with supplies in Florida and will sail to Ile a Vache as we have done for years. Boats are the main way they will receive help, and there are very few resources on south Haiti. We need the money to buy medical and food supplies, water filters and parts to run our water makers. Just one of our boats can make 12,000 litres of potable water from the sea, at full blast enough drinking water by UN emergency standards for 6,000 people.

PLEASE DONATE, WE NEED TO MOVE IMMEDIATELY! The people of Ile a Vache are proud, dignified people but this disaster is overwhelming and they will be so grateful for your help! IRG is a 501(c)(3) California-based nonprofit NGO.

All funds will be allocated to fuel and minimum service costs to sail IRG boats to Haiti and sourcing emergency cargoes. Our overhead is low, all boats are donated and all crews, captains and execs of IRG are unpaid volunteers.

Our first vessel departing for Haiti fully loaded is IRG S/V Rendezvous Cay, a fast 50-foot catamaran commanded by Captain Matthew (oh, the irony!), who has sailed well over 8,000 miles on IRG missions in the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean seas.


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