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Reducing the Costs of your Probe Repairs

by frhuynhFebruary 8, 2018

There are about 500,000 probes in use in the USA, only 25 percent of those ultrasound probes are adequately repaired and tested. This translates to three out of four probes are defective, and many patients are unreasonably exposed to risk. If those defects and damages are revealed early enough, they can be efficiently and effectively repaired by probe repair professionals instead of purchasing a new one. Repairing a probe is much cheaper than replacing it. Here are some three ways on how you can save on the costs of repairing probes.

Make sure all probes are disinfected and appropriately cleaned according to manufacturer’s stipulations. Sterilizing your probes, properly not only does it extend the life of the probe by preventing the buildup of debris on the lens, but prevents contamination and the spread of diseases. However, excessive cleaning is a leading cause of many probe problems. Many people assume that the longer you sterilize, the better. However, soaking probes in disinfectant for extended periods will cause unnecessary damage and wear to the tube on transesophageal probes and the housing on the probes.

For proper care visit transesophageal probe

Train your technicians to thoroughly look at their probes regularly for minor problems. They should note down any physical defects, such as holes, cuts, and cracks either in the cables, lenses, or strain reliefs. This cuts, cracks and holes, may allow liquids, such as disinfectants, gel, or even body fluids, to penetrate the ultrasound probe. When the liquid comes in contact with internal mechanical and electrical parts, it can short-circuit causing corrosion, and damage the probe.

Test your probes at least every six months. Dead elements can cause improper medical outcomes. Even three or four damaged elements next to each other will give false readings. This can cause misdiagnosis and severe consequences on your patient and result in expensive repairs for your health facility. Visit ultrasound transducer probe –  common sense for testing and ensuring your probes are constantly clinically fit. Always consider how delicate the probes are and handle them with caution and care.

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