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Project Scientist Provides STEM Opportunities for Girls Ages Four to 12

Girls will benefit from a community of like-minded girls that enjoy science and celebrating their accomplishments at Project Scientist Summer Academy
by frhuynhJune 25, 2017

LAGUNA BEACH, CA, 92651, June 25, 2017. Girls ages four to 12 will benefit from a community of like-minded girls that enjoy science and celebrating their accomplishments at Project Scientist Summer Academy. Surrounded by brilliant and passionate STEM teachers, professors, and professionals, attendees will be inspired and provided tools to reach her highest potential.

This summer, Project Scientist is partnering with the following universities to offer camps on their campuses: Concordia, USC, Caltech, UNC Charlotte, Johnson & Wales. Over the course of six weeks students are immersed in STEM, learning from a tailored curriculum facilitated by highly skilled and credentialed educators, exciting hands-on experiments and field trips, and daily interactions with female STEM role models from a variety of professional fields.

Every second of a girl’s time with Project Scientist is intentional and based off of the latest research of what drives and sustains girl’s interest in STEM. The Project Scientist staff prioritizes establishing a safe community for female STEM learners and practices and promotes tenants that uplift and encourage students, and all lessons follow the process thinking of the scientific method. Students will be surrounded by and practice strategies in teamwork, resiliency, self/group motivation, and trial/error recovery.

Camp Themes (depending on location). Camps run June through august:
• Space Explorers
• Deep Sea Divers
• Sports Medicine
• Mythbusters
• Designing Your World
• Coding and Makerspace

About Project Scientist
The mission of Project Scientist is to educate, coach, and advocate for girls and women with an aptitude, talent, and passion for STEM. Through engagement of top STEM companies, universities, teachers and hands on curriculum Project Scientist Summer Academy attendees discover the endless opportunities available to them in STEM.

The need for Project Scientist was based off a vast amount of research that shows girls with a high skill, aptitude, and talent for STEM subjects are not currently served or identified at a young age. Underserved and unidentified girls are not provided STEM opportunities at a pace, depth, and breadth commensurate with their talents and interests. Founder Sandy Marshall created Project Scientist to change the world’s view of “who” a scientist is and “what” a scientist does. The vision of Project Scientist is to transform the face of STEM by nurturing today’s future scientists who will lead the world in solving tomorrow’s greatest challenges.

The Project Scientist staff diligently sets goals and track the outcomes, outcomes that research has proven to affect girls with an interest in STEM. The company annually partners with Harvard and the University of North Carolina Charlotte to research the model and validate the impact that Project Scientist programs are having on those who attend.

Press Contacts

Sharael Kolberg
Project Scientist

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