Health and Medical Event Promotion


  • Select Most relevant press for your event
  • Publish your Event in 50 Specific Calendars
  • Tweet the news on social media, mentionning influencers, key opinion leaders
  • Launch Personnal invitations (7 days duration)
  • Manage RSVP via a dedicated branded page
  • Transfer to you any question from the media
  • Send a report (read%, interaction%, venue confirmations)


We deliver your news via Health Press Networks owned by PRGLOBALMEDIA and INVITETHEMEDIA.
This service is designed for Health and medical industry events that occur in any country. We will prepare an invitation and send it to the most influencial people (press, bloggers, health industry experts). An RVSP system will be provided to manage VIP/PRESS presence and all information relevant to attendees.


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