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Forever Young – You Are Invited Friday – April 7 -Hollywood Diplomat Beach Resort

by rogetlinkMarch 28, 2017

by Cristiane Roget, correspondent a division of

Pictures-Photo by Andrew Kutno- Deja Roo and Vasiliki Karlin - Founder of Nayked Botanicals

Kylani- Model with, photo by Andrew Kutno



Press Contacts

Cristiane Roget- Giovanni Benjamin- 561-419-0303 (o)

Final A4M Invite 1 copyMedical and Wellness Professionals attending the are invited to participate in an open discussion and  interview on Friday-April 7 at 5:30 to 7 pm at Point Royal Raw Bar & Lounge at the newly rechristened Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida.  Topics to include

Advances in Stem Cell Rejuvenation

Anti-Aging on the Cellular Level

How the Super Science of Stem Cells are Pulling the Lever on Physical Aging. 

Also to debut NEW to the market ground breaking, non-toxic epidermal products with gifts and incentives.  Complimentary Beverages for those who r.s.v.p. 561- 419 – 0303 or Vasiliki Karlin – Nayked Botanicals  561-239-0331     

Cristiane Roget_Sherine Bichara_Vasiliki Karlin_ Beauty Bar_FLLFashion Week_with SheriseHollywood, FL/ With the 25th Anniversary of the A4MAmerican Academy of Anti Aging Conference set to unwind this weekend from April 5 through 8 at the splendid Hollywood Diplomat Beach Resort an informal group of A4M attendees comprising esteemed members of the international medical community will join the founder of Nayked Botanicals, Vasiliki Karlin representing American Cryo Stem,  Peter Hanna , CEO. Founder of Phyto Cannabinoid Rich (, Dan Hart of Ends Pain Plus  (an all natural emollient) and  Sherine Bichara of  Elixir of Life.  Subjects to be explored will be the latest advancements in stem cell treatments encompassing topical, invasive and elective procedures.

Questions will be put forth and answered by experts in their respective fields pertaining to anti-aging, prolonging health and well being throughout one’s lifespan.

The discussion will also serve as the basis for a future article slated to appear in Medical Tourism Association’s Annual Publication to be distributed at their 10th Annual World Congress and Expo in October 2-4 2017 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California and posted on,  a division of Paris based

It is the aim of the organizers of this informal session to contrast the facts with the fiction of Stem Cell Research and Development while providing balanced, non-biased information regarding stem cell treatments, their applications and their legality in the USA and abroad.

American Cryo Stem’s Autologous Personal Cell Science emollients formulated with one’s own stem cells,  Neocorium’s EGF Stem Cell Anti-Aging Facial Treatment, Nayked Botanicals Skin, Facial and Body potions, “So pure they can be swallowed” and Elixir of Life formulated by Sherine Bichara from the 5000 year old baobab tree native to Senegal will be sampled and gifted.  Dan Hart will discuss the relaunch of his clinically proven Ends Pain Plus  that has been relieving pain symptoms for close to a decade.

000_AmericanCryoStem_Personal Cell Services _KylaniSays Vasiliki Karlin, “Our new portfolio of  all-natural products give everyone a unique power over aging right in the palm of their hand.”

To participate in this unique exchange of groundbreaking information and to weigh in with the questions you have wanted to ask about advancements in Stem Cells contact the organizers today.

Presided over by Vasiliki Karlin – 561-239-0331  vasiliki  Press/Media Inquiries 561-419-0303


“There is so much shame in our culture around aging,” says Koshin Paley Ellison, Buddhist monk and co-founder of the New York Zen Center of Contemplative Care.   Whereas Asian, European and African cultures have for millenniums revered their ‘elders’ as harbingers of insight, knowledge and deserving of respect; North America in an unrequited pursuit of youth is tantamount to a cultural obsession.

The tyranny of  ageism is symptomatic of a nation that is in the throes of its own historical adolescence, a transient society where the ties that bind no longer do and sage wisdom is best conveyed with 140 characters or less.


Read More – A4M – April 5-8, Hollywood Diplomat Hotel

For the past quarter of a century, A4M has been working collectively to reshape and redefine the field of medicine.The last twenty-five years have seen extraordinary changes in the sphere of healthcare, through the advent and proliferation of technology, and the increasingly progressive awareness surrounding the need for functional, personalized medicine: medicine that treats patients’ symptoms holistically, and seeks to create personalized, individual treatments. We fundamentally believe in care that works for everyone.

 We are excited to further and continue our commitment to regenerative medicine, beginning with our April World Congress in Hollywood.  Join us and learn the ways in which we are forging forward, continuing our pursuit of restructuring medicine & healthcare. 


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