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Brand New Category of Nutrition Supplements Launched – “Cellular Health”

Health sciences company healthycell® launched a brand new category in nutrition supplements – “Cellular Health” – to address the source of aging and the chronic health conditions that come with age.
by frhuynhAugust 18, 2016

A healthycell® co-founder, Dr. Vincent Giampapa MD, FACS, explains, “Aging is the chronic condition of declining cellular health and function over time. All life is made of cells – every organ and every tissue – so health truly starts at the cellular level. The most effective approaches to thwart accelerated aging, loss of vitality, and most chronic age-related conditions target cellular health”. No matter the term used – “anti-aging”, “healthy aging”, “age management” – they all refer to our ability to impact cell health.

Dr. Giampapa elucidates that if you know how to keep one cell healthy, you know how to keep the 40 trillion cells that make up your body healthy. In a new category of its own, doctor-recommended healthycell® pro is the only multi-nutrient system in the world designed specifically for cellular health. It contains the essential vitamins and minerals from the most bioavailable sources, and over 60 protective phytonutrients for specific aspects of cellular health (DNA repair, oxidation support, telomere support, cell cycle regulation) combined with probiotics and enzymes.

Designed over decades of research, laboratory development, and human clinical studies, healthycell® pro celebrated its national launch this past February in West Palm Beach, FL at an invite-only physician event where Dr. Giampapa gave a presentation titled “Cellular Health, Phytonutrient Intervention, Stem Cell Banking & Applied Therapies” that was received with excitement. Half of the presentation explored the design of healthycell® pro and its aim of helping reduce chronic age-related conditions that are so prevalent today when octogenarians and beyond are more common than ever before in human history.

Dr. Giampapa leads a consensus of the best medical doctors, licensed nutritionists, and registered dietitians to formulate products, yielding a multi-perspective analysis of every ingredient, every ingredient synergy, and every ingredient source.

The healthycell® pro product is the only nutrition system with a built-in epigenetic design. “We are not born with an automatic expiration date.  While genes play a large role in our expected life cycle, environmental influences hold sway, and even small changes can have a disproportionate and favorable impact on extending longevity,” says Dr. Giampapa.

(Dr. Giampapa signing his textbook titled: “The Principles and Practice of Antiaging Medicine for the Clinical Physician”)

(Dr. Giampapa signing his textbook titled: “The Principles and Practice of Antiaging Medicine for the Clinical Physician”)

A noted author of medical textbooks and consumer books on aging, Dr. Giampapa is a world-renowned cellular aging expert featured on Discovery Science Channel’s Stem Cell Special narrated by Stephen Hawking, a FOX and CNN past contributor, and past keynote speaker to the Vatican on stem cells. He is also the past President and a founding member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Giampapa operates one of the only licensed stem cell collection facilities in the United States that collects stem cells from fat and blood and cryogenically preserves them for future use. He includes healthycell® pro as part of a pre-collection protocol because he believes it improves the cell function and health of collected cells. He is currently planning a regenerative medicine clinic and 250-acre eco-health development in Costa Rica where stored stem cells can be used therapeutically.

Linda Shaifer, Global Education and Engagement Leader at the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress (September 25 -28th) agrees, “With the advent of the instantaneous internet, data sharing combined with the ease of international travel; a spirit of collaboration is the growing trend in the medical community.  Building strategic alliances and sharing best practices while educating healthcare leaders at the Medical Tourism Association, we are advancing the free exchange of life sustaining data and information, assuring improved healthcare for all.”

“We take pride that Dr. Vincent Giampapa has been selected as a speaker and panelist for the upcoming Congress at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, in Washington D.C.”, says Shaifer.

Confirmed speakers at the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress to date include Ariana Huffington with her new Book, ‘ The Sleep Revolution’, Dr. J. D. Polk, Senior Medical Officer at NASA, and Dr. Abdulrahma Al-Rowaished, Directorate General of Medical Commissions and Health Missions, Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health.

Life Science Institute is a New Jersey based health sciences company dedicated to cellular health that formulates and distributes multi-nutrient dietary supplement products. Its core philosophy is making sure its nutrition supplement products contain only the highest quality independently screened ingredients and have scientifically proven effect. The healthycell® line of products empowers people to optimize healthspan by improving the body’s basic “building block” – the cell. For more information about Life Science Institute or the healthycell® brand, please contact the company at 800-975-9606 or visit www.healthycell.com.

*The statements made in this press release have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The products mentioned herein are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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