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9th Annual WMTA Congress Closes With Keynote Speaker Arianna Huffington, Thrive Institute

by rogetlinkOctober 19, 2016

photos by Nathan Podo - Cristiane Roget

1. Vasiliki Karlin, Founder of nayked botanicals, Dr. Richard Canard, host chairman Bradenton, FL Nov. 10, 11, 12 and Natalie Reeves , Inspirational and Health Coach and Author.

2. Dr. Vincent Giampapa, WMTA Congress panelist and pioneer in stem cell therapies, NASA consultant and Nobel Prize Nominee with John Arnone who is changing the face of stem cell harvesting, storage and rejuvenating and healing applications.

3. CNSM Consultant, W. Christopher Winter, correspondent for the Huffington Post

4. Arianna Huffington Founder of her latest venture 'Thrive' is given a standing ovation at the conclusion of her WMTA Congress Keynote Speech. Photo by Nathan Podo.

5.Later book signing her latest tome, "The Sleep Revolution"
for a queue of admirers that would around the exhibition floor.

6. Collette another inspirational quote: You must not pity me because my sixtieth year (read 80th) finds me still astonished. To be astonished is one of the surest ways of not growing old too quickly.

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Washington. DC / Richard T. Canard, MD and Host Chairman of Florida’s annual Remote Area Medical Bradenton, Florida Free Clinic weighed in during the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare (WMTC) and Employer Heath Care Benefits (EHBC) Congress, September 25 -28 in Gaylord National Harbor Resort and Convention Center, Washington D.C. on the state of the union as it pertains to institutionalized “sick care”. “21st Corporate Medicine and Big Pharm could take a lesson from many of the participating countries at the WMT Congress who embrace the whole body approach to health care; as a social and survival imperative.”   “Health care systems in Costa Rica, Asia, Dubai  and India have set a bench mark in the benefits derived from preventing or targeting the ’cause’ of disease rather than solely treating ‘symptoms’,” concurred Vincent Giamapapa, MD FACS panelist and Nobel Prize Nominee in Stem Cell Research and Applications.

“One cannot overstate the benefits derived from preparing meals from scratch, working in one’s garden or combining work with exercise, sleep and relaxation…” said Keynote Speaker Arianna Huffington.  Combine simple living with the scintillating, brave new world of stem cell treatments and medical advances over all, the Medical Tourism Association and its members are standard bearers of a healthier tomorrow built on health care that draws from the past and the future.


Vasiliki Karlin-healthy cell, Dr. Richard Canard -Host Chairman of Bradenton, FL and Natalie Reeves Lopez-Life Coach , Apples for Addicts prepares for the 2nd Annual Manatee Tech Institute Bradenton Free Clinic, Nov. 10-12

Dr. Canard, an Internist, organizes the annual Remote Area Medical Free Clinic ( in Bradenton, Florida. The 2nd Annual RAMusa Clinic is slated for November 10-11-12 , 2016 in Bradenton where thousands of patients, 100’s of volunteers and physicians, dentists and eye doctors contributing their ‘expertise’ and ‘time’ will be in attendance.  States Canard,  “United States citizens are reaping the ramifications of a medical system that came into being with legislation set in motion by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1912.   In 1965 under the watch of Lyndon B. Johnson; well meaning Medicare and Medicaid legislation spawned our current ‘sick’ care system.

Medical care has devolved into Big Pharm and institutionalized medical care burying the Hippocratic Oath under a morass of unregulated drug prices, advocacy groups on the dole,  expensive co-pays, exorbitant insurance premiums, frivolous lawsuits and a revolving door of drug dependencies, adverse drug reactions and over medication.  “We cannot fix a trillion dollar hemorrhage with a band aid,” says Canard.

As today’s 60+ population hits its stride; the current demographic is expected to double to 85 million by 2050.  Subsidized benefits are also expected to double from 14% to 30% of the entire Federal Budget by mid century.  “The fix is not to throw more money at a behemoth that operates with impunity and a modicum of oversight,” says Dr. Canard. “Our current system is broken and simply unsustainable.”

An aging world population compounded with pervasive unhealthy lifestyles is the genesis of many chronic, preventable diseases, ” states Best Selling Author Vincent Giampapa, M.D. F.A.C.S. an esteemed surgeon and World Medical Tourism Congress 2016 panelist.  Many diseases associated with aging can be ameliorated if not cured with the new science surrounding stem  cells,  epigenetics and simply living healthy.    “Citizens and healthcare providers must foment changes organically while speaking out against institutions and legislation where greed trumps humanity,” said fellow panelists, John Arnone, Preident and Founder of American Cryo Corporation  joined by Dr. Rohit R. Kulkarni, M.D. (Path) who shares the same sentiment.

The Medical Tourism Association embodies what could be the future of health care, so much so that the organization is considering a name change in the near fouture.

Consumers and clinicians are able for the first time in history to be matched up on the world wide web.  On-demand and affordable specialty care is yours for the price of a R.T. ticket.  When travel does not figure into the equation Telemedicine is finally living up to its potential.   Driven by mach speed internet connections, changing insurance standards and global networks of medical experts making split-second diagnosis; over 15 million Americans received some form of remote care last year.

“‘Hospitals without Beds’ has entered the medical lexicon” reports Melinda Beck, of the Wall Street Journal (Monday – July 27, 2016-Healthcare and Tech) “We have the means for the first time in history to communicate instantaneously advances in medicine, preventive care and life saving diagnosis.” says Giampapa, who practices between Costa Rica and the Institutes Headquarters in Montclair, New Jersey.

“The only solution to assure a quality of life for the planet’s progeny and aging populations is to bring healthcare providers back into the decision making process.  We need to return to a system where primary care is conducted by a team of comprehensive healthcare givers no matter their country of origin.  We need to move away from an ineffective system of specialty care that is focused on the volume of procedures.   If we do not take a cue from countries such as Italy, Japan, Costa Rica and China we will continue  to feed the bottom line with volume without the quality,” said Canard.


Dr. Vincent Giampapa, of Regenerative Medical Institute and healthycell (R) and John Arnone with American Cryo Corporation and a enthusiastic Juenesse  representative discuss new medical technologies including stem cell applications worth watching; including early genetic screening and the harvesting of stem cells.

Stem Cell Research and its myriad of applications

The Medical Tourism Association is a leader, without borders,  in an open and unbiased exchange of advances in Stem Cell Research and its myriad of applications.  “Huge strides are being made in the collection and preservation of stem cells in our over 200 associated plastic surgery intake centers”, confirms WMTA panelist John Arnone.   We are living in a “brave new world where scientific fiction is now scientific fact,” says Doug Giampapa, Co-Founder of healthycell commenting on his father’s research.

The decision 2 year’s ago by the Medical Tourism Association, under the direction of Renee Marie Stephano, President,  to host the 9th Congress in the nation’s capitol  “was nothing short of prescient,” said Bill Cook, Director of Business Dvleopment for the Asian Pacific and a resident of Costa Rica.  “What better place than the nations global capital ,Washington DC , to host a gathering of the brightest minds in medicine to meditation?”

“Here is where Main Street is at the nexus of Wall Street.  “If only the world’s nations could find common ground to interact as a global community, in the way the Medical Tourism Association is doing,” observed Carolyn Schriffres,  a 4th generation Alexandria, Maryland resident, Daughter of the Revolution and noted Interior Designer, upon visiting the MTA exhibition floor.

“Stem cell intake and storage centers in the U.S.A. now number in the 1000’s,” according to John Arnone, Chairman – CEO of the American Cryo Corporation.  Due in part to standards of excellence, easy access and aspirational tourism destinations;  Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and now Cuba on the horizon (with a half century of advanced medical research) their medical tourism sectors are reporting  exponential gains in their fiscal, political, cultural and commercial investments in the Medical Tourism Industry.  “Especially those countries that are strengthening their pre and post-op tourism infrastructure, complimented by the desirability of their destinations,” said Brad Cook, MTA Costa Rica.

“It would behoove countries vested in Medical Tourism to not walk in lock step with those countries espousing a ‘bottom-line’ driven medical system, where profit trumps quality of care,”  said Dr. Rohet R. Kulkarni, M.D. (Path) D.P.B. VP , Stem Cell Society, India and Director of Reel Labs – in Mumbai, India.


Sleep Specialist CNSM Consultant, W. Christopher Winter moderated a panel that weighed in on how sleep deprivation can impact career trajectories; especially among today’s super sport stars.

Linda Schaiffer, Educational Director for the MTA shared with colleagues the monumental task of organizing the over 100 expert speakers and expediting challenges such as where to find ‘parve’ meals to last minute changes in 100’s of the panelists ground breaking power point presentations. “Our team programmed our panels to address a wide range of interests and agendas.  Exhibitors included an eclectic mix of natural to pricey purveyors.  From Hotel Amenities by Hunter featuring bespoke Erno Lazlo (TM)   and bal d’Afrique skin products to offerings of futuristic stem cell applications and treatments by Regenerative Medical Institute.

Another WMTC calendar highlight was ‘Feeling the Joy of 6 A.M. Yoga’ (oh joy) with Satori Ebedes and more cool schwag than a Miami Beach Swimwear Fashion Week gift bag.   Water man from Vyykn, Nick Harman, generously distributed thousands of silver capsule thermoses ionized with their proprietary, highly calibrated water system.  The company is based in Ketchum , Idaho, the Hemingway haunt and takes its  inspiration from the source of mile deep, glacier fed Ice Age springs. Water does not get purer than this.

Consultants Amie Hoff and sport star and philanthropist Nate Boyer served as a bridge from ancient wellness techniques to the future of global medicine meets tourism.   The Medical Tourism Industry is having a profound impact on those seeking the best treatments no matter the destination.  A growth industry par excellence was evident at the hundreds of exhibit spaces, panels and sessions.


Satori gave the WMTA attendees the skinny on what we really need to know to integrate yoga into a busy lifestyle.

Also in full force were some of the the most esteemed hospitality and hotel groups representing the planet’s most aspirational and bespoke destinations.  France and Italy, boasting ‘Quality Healthcare one airline connection away’,  Abu Dhabi creating a universal healthcare sector and Costa Rica, the Athens of the Americas, all seeking to ‘Create A More Sustainable Footprint’.  In a unique way each region shares a goal to advance the affordability and superior quality of medical treatments that are only a heartbeat away.


The Sleep Revolution Championed by Arianna Huffington of the ‘Thrive Institute’

The  all-encompassing theme of the 9th Annual WMTA Congress was best described by Keynote Speaker Arianna Huffington, another ‘Blue Zone’ native of Greek descent.  She took the stage fresh and composed in a floral embroidered leather frock. She shared with the standing room only audience the wisdom of living a life redolent with joy and simplicity.  Celebrating the newly inaugurated ‘Thrive Institute’ guests were treated to a follow-up,  one-off and book signing of her best selling tome, ‘The Sleep Revolution’.   She spoke of furthering the foundation’s mission, of creating a more positive, healthy and verdant world that includes 8 hours of ‘shut eye’ nightly.

arianna-huffington-_cristiane-roget_book-the-sleep-revolutionArianna beguiled the audience with homilies while disparaging the pointlessness of stress and and unachievable agendas and work schedules. Describing a bloody mishap brought on by sleep deprivation; she had an epiphany.   She spoke of a transformation from a relentless achiever to an advocate of counting sheep, sweet dreams and powering down the gadgets.

Adrianna admonished the audience to disengage, disrupt and free themselves from the tyranny of technology.  “Abstain from becoming a cog”, she insisted.  “Those who are brave enough to swim upstream are given the competitive advantage in life”.  Closing to a standing ovation she waxed poetic when paraphrasing Colette, the Nobel Prize literary temptress admitting, “I have had such a wonderful life,  I wish I had realized it sooner.”





Bob Atanosov, of Prestigious Euro Cars weighed in by saying “it is not how old you are, it is what you are going to do with the time you have left.”

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